We Deal in Lead – Episode 2: The Proposition (2004)

Welcome to the Busted Trail Saloon. Behind the bar there’s whiskey, there’s ladies yonder, and the men at the poker table are from the We Deal in Lead Podcast. Folks from out of town may want to sit down and play a hand, or mayhap listen to an old timer spin a yarn or two. Whatever the reason for comin’ in, stick around, holster yer weapons, and rest your boots.

A part of the Movie Podcast Network, We Deal in Lead is a podcast focusing on westerns, big and small. From the golden era, featuring John Wayne, Glenn Ford, and James Stewart, to the Spaghetti’s with Clint Eastwood, and then off to hills the modern westerns like Silverado, Tombstone, and Appaloosa, we review and discuss the great wild west until the cows come home. Hell, we even get into some TV here and there.

In the second episode, Mad Doc Dave takes the gang through 2004’s “The Proposition” starring Guy Pearce, Ray Winstone, John Huston and the late John Hurt, in what can only be described as a beautiful, dry, hollow story of Australia’s relentless outback and what devils could be found there. Your thoughts on the movie matter, so give us a holler in the comments section.

Podcast artwork and production by Wild Matt Daniels. Music courtesy of Little Hawk.

Hosts ratings for The Proposition

Wild Matt Daniels – 8

Mad Doc Dave – 9

Tennessee Two-Guns T-Bog – 7


Show notes:

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Steamboat Willie

Damn, I came here to find contact info to find out when the next episode was going to arrive and here it is. I look forward to listening to it.


Really enjoyed this episode gentlemen. I probably should have watched The Proposition before listening in.

I tend to think of westerns thematically as Western optimism (expansion, gold, and homesteading) versus lawless fatalism. I enjoy a bleak western. This may be right up my alley.

Andrew Fulton

Great picks for the first two episodes. The Proposition is one of my favourite westerns and Guy Pearce is one of my favourite actors. I am Australian so I might be a bit biased.
Mad Doc Dave I thought you might be interested that they are making Wake in Fright into a tv mini series that comes out this year.

Wild Matt Daniels

Thanks, Andrew! We love our AZ listeners and I’m glad we didn’t butcher the episode too badly. If you haven’t yet, please follow us on FB and spread the word. We’ve still got to get around to your previous recommendation; we will.

Jason Pyles

Excellent pick for a review, Cowboys… I back you. “The Proposition” is one of the all-time great modern westerns. It’s like an Aussie cousin to “Unforgiven.” Say, Andrew, I forget whether you’re the same Andrew who recommended it to me, but if you like Guy Pearce in gritty westerns, then “Brimstone” (2017) is a grim and bleak must-see western! But again … not for the faint of heart. The same goes for “Bone Tomahawk,” which I know most of this Network loves…

Andrew Fulton

That was me Jay. I love Bone Tomahawk too.


Love the new show! I’ve wished there was a Movie Podcast Network podcast for Westerns for a while now. Some of my all-time favorite films are Westerns. I really enjoyed the special segments at the end of Episode 1; it was good to hear that Tennessee Tripwire Temecula and Mad Doc Dave have more of those on the way.