We Deal in Lead – Episode 4: No Country for Old Men

Welcome to the Busted Trail Saloon. Behind the bar there’s whiskey, there’s ladies yonder, and the men at the poker table are from the We Deal in Lead Podcast. Folks from out of town may want to sit down and play a hand, or mayhap listen to an old timer spin a yarn or two. Whatever the reason for comin’ in, stick around, holster yer weapons, and rest your boots.

A part of the Movie Podcast Network, We Deal in Lead is a podcast focusing on westerns, big and small. From the golden era, featuring John Wayne, Glenn Ford, and James Stewart, to the Spaghetti’s with Clint Eastwood, and then off to hills the modern westerns like Silverado, Tombstone, and Appaloosa, we review and discuss the great wild west until the cows come home. Hell, we even get into some TV here and there.

Episode 4 celebrates the 10 year anniversary of a Cohen Brothers’ masterpiece, No Country for Old Men. Based on the Cormack McCarthy book of the same name, this film captures everything there is to love about thrillers, and leaves no one wanting another ounce of suspense. A slow burn, few movies manage to deliver such greatness.

With a memorable portrayal of evil incarnate, Javier Bardem steals the show in the movie that put him on the map; he plays Anton Chigur, the perfect villain. Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin deliver as our heroes, everyday men in a ever changing world. The critics loved it, but what do the hosts of We Deal in Lead think? Find out now by listening to the damn episode! But your thoughts on the movie matter just as much, so give them lead-dealers a holler in the comments section.

Podcast artwork and production by Wild Matt Daniels. Music courtesy of Little Hawk.